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Student Testimonials

Here's what our students are saying about MLS! 

(The reviews below are excerpted from Google and Facebook reviews and are organized by student affiliation and alphabetically.)

Harvard University Community Members:

"MLS classes are useful and effective, in which students learn different aspects of English and its culture, that sometimes this is as much important as English itself...-A.A. (Iran)


"If you need or want to improve your English I can not imagine a better place than MLS. My teacher is a professional and a good teacher who makes his classes fun but interesting. So far I can say that my English has improved since I am studying with him and I am sure I will continue improving my English skills." -P.A. (Spain)

"I'm really enjoying the English course at MLS. Excellent school, excellent native speaker teachers. Great!" -A.B. (Brazil)

"I am very happy to have found an excellent English teacher. I have known another's English schools and I think MLS is the best option that I could have in America. In each class I have been learning about grammar, pronunciation, vocabulary, literature, history, sciences, news, music, American and world culture, etc. So, it is an integral, creative and organized course that satisfies our curiosity. When I am taking classes, time flies...I have to say that my teacher is not only my best English teacher, he is one of my best teachers that I have been having in my life. Thanks, MLS." -J.B. (Mexico)

"My best experience learning English so far. Classes are very interesting and fun. Even if you have a good English level, there is always room for improvement as the teacher, says. 100% recommended." -X.B. (Spain)

"I highly recommend MLS. My teacher is a dedicated teacher who is always ready to help. Classes are really engaging and the environment is very friendly. Great school!" -C.C. (Brazil)

"MLS is a very efficient institute for anyone wanting to improve his/her English skills. Several topics are developed to help students such as: listening, speaking, vocabulary, grammar, and cultural aspects. MLS is very flexible by proposing one-month courses which can be continued or stopped easily. MLS has also a very good price-quality ratio." -B.C. (France)

"MLS is the best English school that I attended. The owner is a very kind and helpful person who can best advise what is the right path for each of us... There are a lot of different classes and you can choose between collective (e.g. listening and speaking, vocabulary, core with grammar..) and private (super helpful!). Also the price is super appropriate." -F.D. (Italy)

"Great place! Professional teachers and staffs! Thanks to their help, I have been enjoying learning new vocabularies and proper expressions through classes and activities. Always fun!" -K.F. (Japan)

"I wholeheartedly recommend joining  MLS. Attending a core courses as well as a vocabulary courses I have been still improving my language level and increasing a stock of words. As the teacher regularly organized a great deal of educational activities to explore Boston, meet new people and practice English, taking classes at MLS is not only an excellent choice to perfect you English skills but also a terrific personal experience." -M.G. (Poland)

"MLS is the best language school to improve your English. The classes are very beneficial for me.... In addition to learning basic English sentences, expressions that you can learn about American culture in classes are very useful. In addition, many activities in MLS can meet many foreign friends. The teachers at MLS are very friendly and witty, and prepare the classes thoroughly and show passion for many questions. during the classes of teachers, students are very happy and improve their English skill. I have been taking the classes at MLS for 4 months and will continue to take classes during my stay in Boston. If you are looking for a place to improve your English skill now, I highly recommended the classes at MLS." -Y.J. (Korea)

"If you are looking for English courses to improve your English, this is the best course you can take. You can learn many words and phrases that you will actually use in real life. If you need help with your English, you can always ask the teacher for his help. You can also participate in many interesting activities and meet new people." -E.K. (Korea)

"My teacher is excellent with abundant experience of teaching. I'm sure MLS is the best place where we learn English."

-D.K. (Japan)

"f you really want to improve your English skills in Cambridge/Boston, this is the place! You will have a life-changing experience. Our teacher provides regular classes and organizes extra activities such as lunches and tours to historic places. These classes and events are wonderful opportunities not only for studying English itself, but also for learning Boston's history and other countries' cultures with other international students." -A.K. (Japan)

"MLS is helpful place we improve my English skill. We can choose the classes which we want or need to study parts of English. And MLS is very warm and comfortable place." -T.K. (Japan)

"To improve English, I highly recommend MLS. You can learn English with fun. My teacher teaches well and very considerate. Moreover, you can enjoy several activities and can make international friends!!" -H.K. (Korea)

"If you are looking for affordable yet excellent English classes this is your place! I've improved dramatically my English pronunciation as well as my conversational skills. I highly recommend the courses they offer, you wont be disappointed!" -D.M. (Mexico)

"MLS is the best place to learn English! Plus, our teacher organizes various activities. It helps us to make many friends easily."

-A.O. (Japan)

"MLS is the best English course I have ever taken. The teachers are kind and it was a pleasure for me to know them and attend their course. The price is fair for what you get. I hope to see you in the future." - R.P. (Italy)

"I've worked with James to improve my English for four years. He's the best English teacher I ever had. He's knowledgeable about other languages (Korean, Chinese, Japanese, Spanish, Arabic and so on!). Thus, he understands why non-native English speakers make mistakes and logically explains the differences in English and your mother tongue. I've taken several courses from him, and all of his classes are entertaining and well-prepared. My American supervisor is pleased with my English improvement since I worked with James. If you want to improve your English skill, you should come to talk to James." -J.S. (Korea)

"After trying several other places, I think MLS is the best so far. Classes are fun, useful and interesting. Different courses for different needs. I feel I have improved my English skills and I am sure it will continue improving thanks to James. 100% recommendable." 

-A.S. (Spain)

"Definitely, the best place to learn English in Boston, especially for advanced learners. It made me to enlarge my vocabulary and use more "sophisticated words" in my everyday speech. Nice atmosphere, affordable, classes are fun and useful and they also offer some cultural activities that complements the learning process." -G.C. (Brazil)

"I'm very happy with my English course in MLS. Really I have improved my skills. I recommend completely." -M.S. (Colombia)

"Awesome teachers at MLS , it is a perfect school for improving your English and meeting people from around the world !! I'm very happy!!" -V.B. (Italy)

"James is an amazing teacher, really supportive and intelligent. Our classes helped me a lot to improve my speaking and writing skills, and, as a consequence, I was able to get a very good score in the TOEFL..." -L.V. (Brazil)

"I really appreciated the courses that I took at the MLS. Exactly what I expected, challenging on the weak points to improve my English. I highly recommended this school if you want to improve your English and want to achieve your aspirations and aims."

-F.L. (Brazil)

"My teacher is very organized, he prepares the materials we will use in advance and he makes sure that every minute in class is well invested. We do not have a textbook (and we do not repeat all the typical exercises that I had done in other academies before) and we work on all the aspects of a second language: idioms and vocabulary, listening, writing, prepositions and reading with REAL texts and audios (opinion pieces from newspapers, radio programs). One new topic every week. He sends us some notes from the last class in order to review them and we prepare our classes in advance to make the most of them. I certainly recommend MLS. Plus, it's a great place to meet other students from different countries and to participate in the wide range of activities that he organizes in the Boston area (even during the freezing Winter)." -G.P. (Spain)

"MLS is very good place to learn and practice English because there is no rote learning there. The teacher teaches useful information... and also there are different classes that you can benefit [from]." -S.M. (Turkey)

"The proofreading service has helped me improve the style of my dissertation." -L.Z. (China)

"MLS is a great place to learn about English language and American culture in a nice environment full of friendly people. I've enjoyed a lot learning English at MLS." -A.B. (Poland)

"My teacher is a wonderful English teacher. His classes cover various topics and details in English. The private lessons I have had have helped me improve my writing and presentation skills. I strongly recommend this service." -J.L. (Korea)

"I'm a resident physician from Italy and an advanced English speaker. James has been helping me improving my English in a number of ways, from the addition of new stylistic elements to my written English, to expanding my vocabulary, from teaching me idioms to making me appreciate subtleties I can now use in my profession and in my every day conversation... and classes are lots of fun! James is a real asset for anyone who wants to bring his/her English to the next level!" -R.Z. (Italy)

MIT Community Members:

"I think MLS is the best English school in Cambridge. I have learned not only English, but also cultural differences with students from many countries in the class. I recommend it." -R.A. (Japan)

"If you have some chances to stay in Boston, I recommend you to join the class even for one month, because you can enjoy local events practically as well as friendly English class." -K.A. (Japan)

"MLS is the best English school in Boston. It provides you a true experience on the American culture while you make friends from all over the world...I highly recommend it." -M.B. (Brazil)

"I had a great experience at MLS, I highly recommend this school to anyone who wants to improve his English. I attended the core course. My teacher is a very knowledgeable and experienced teacher, and a very nice person always willing to help you. The class really helped me with vocabulary and to refine my writing and speaking skills, lessons are always engaging and entertaining and I have never got bored. Also, I have really enjoyed the meetups and the events that they host every month, they are a great way to meet friends while practicing English, and to have a feeling of the American culture. Among the other pros, the fact that the courses have morning as well evening options. I have nothing but great things to say about MLS! So glad I found it!" -M.B. (Italy)

"Great atmosphere! And a very accurate way of teaching, very focus in the student's needs. I would do it again!" -M.B. (Spain)

"My wife and I had a great experience working together to improve our English skills. The teacher's a very dedicated, thoughtful and skilled language professor, who always brings not only several updated topics but also his amazing Japanese and Spanish language knowledge to class to help his students out! Highly recommended language school (not to mention very affordable compared to most other schools in Cambridge!)!" -R.C. (Brazil)

"MLS provides the most substantial lessons for learning English in my experience! We can learn speaking and listening to English very well while we have a small members' class and think of various topics with teachers and students. Especially, it is a better way for me to practice an effective presentation with body languages!" -A.K. (Japan)

"Learning at MLS was great experience! The class is a small group basis with a cozy atmosphere and always interactive. I could learn a lot of useful vocabularies and speaking strategies that help me in daily life and business scene. Plus, learning different cultures from international students was fun! I am sure I will miss the classes after going back to my country." -R.K. (Japan)

"I highly recommend MLS. It’s a great place to increase your English skills and also has great teachers! Classes are dynamic and fun!" -V.M. (Brazil)

"The best English school ever! Awesome teachers and effective teaching methods made me motivated to keep taking their classes."

-M.M. (Iran)

"Taking classes at MLS is not only a perfect choice to improve your English skills, but also a great personal experience. We work in small groups with people from all around the world, in a very friendly atmosphere, so I always feel comfortable and prepared for enjoying each class. I also appreciate the opportunity of learning about arts, history and other cultures as I am improving my English. The teachers are extremely professional, highly prepared and deeply involved in teaching, making the classes dynamic, interesting, challenging... and always a fun experience. I am a curious person and MLS feeds my curiosity in many ways. I totally recommend MLS." -C.P. (Spain)

"MLS is the best school in Boston I have ever been. [The teacher] always corrects and modifies my errors." -S.Y. (Korea)

"Excellent English course!!! James is a great teacher, he really focuses on the student's needs. I totally recommend it." -D.S. (Brazil)

"MLS is really an amazing English school. I have not been able to find good English schools for a long time, but finally found MLS!!

James is quite a sophisticated teacher. He understands weakness of each student's English skills and gives an accurate advise. In addition to being good at teaching, he understands other countries’ culture, tradition, customs etc. very well. I'm always impressed by how much he knows about Japan! Plus, class size is not so large. There are a variety of people from all over the world, and we can learn not only English but also American daily life. I'm excited about this opportunity to improve my English skill!!" -M.H. (Japan)

"My teacher, he is a very intelligent person and his education model is excellent. Also he supports learning with social activities. He follows the innovations in language education..." -D.K. (Turkey)

"I took english classes at MLS in 2015, It's excellent, teachers are very professionals and they are interested about the needs from their students. English classes are very dynamic and fun. There are students from all world. I am sure, in 2016, I will take more english classes." -L.B. (Colombia)

"James is a great teacher. His class is very helpful. He also organizes good events. I enjoyed some activities and talking with new friends." -M.K. (Japan)

"The best English course in Boston!! I really recommend!!" -M.G. (Brazil)

"I really enjoyed the activities and classes... These helped me to improve my English skills." -H.K. (Spain) 

"English classes at MLS are very interactive, engaging and diverse. I greatly improved my English, learned a lot about American culture,  and made wonderful friends!” -L.S. -The Netherlands

"As an MIT student, I gained a lot of self-confidence and skills in English which help me in my work. Without  any hesitation, I can recommend these classes for all students, whichever level of English proficiency they have.” - M.B. (Poland)

“With its unique teaching philosophy, based on real-life examples and strong interaction among fellows, MLS provides essential tools to communicate effectively with a wide range of professionals.” -G.R. (Italy)

Boston University Community Members:

"MLS English school is an excellent school with excellent teachers. While living in Boston, I have attended Listening & Speaking class. My teacher made class very fun and never boring. It also was a great pleasure to meet the owner who organizes MLS's classes as well as very interesting activities via Meetup, in which you can learn something new, know new friends and improve your English. I highly recommend MLS school to all those who want to improve English skills. In my opinion, it is the best deal in Boston and the owner is a very competent and professional man." -S.F. (Italy)

"The English courses are awesome! My teacher is a brilliant teacher, very knowledgeable, very professional. I`ve learned so much during 1.5 years! However, every class always gives more. I would recommend MLS to all non-native speakers to improve their English skills and to better understand American culture." - E.G. (Russia)

"I think it is one of the best places to learn English in the U.S. I am absolutely sure, that James (my teacher) would correct and improve almost any of my writing (this one included). It is refreshing to see a very high level of English which I could finally try to master on a native level. In addition to that, MLS offers a great deal of flexibility – you could attend courses the day you like (however the program will be slightly different). I personally attend Monday grammar and Friday writing classes. To sum up, I could highly recommend MLS for the superb quality and flexibility. Seriously, I was learning English all my life and only recently I started to do significant progress." -Y.K. (Russia)

"MLS is a great English school. My teacher is a great English teacher. I am attending two courses and I am really satisfied with my English skill improvements. I will be participating to his classes till reaching my English language goals, of course. Furthermore, he periodically organizes interesting and fun activities which help you to practice English, to learn American culture and to meet new friends from all over the world (I am always looking forward to enjoying these extra events every time). I really recommend MLS to everyone who wants to speak English as a second language while James classes as the best formula to learn English. Thank you so much!" -M.P. (Italy)

"I have never seen such a great teacher... I'd love to take James's class if I come back to Boston! Thank you so much." -K.T. (Japan)

Broad Institute Community Members:

"If you are eager to make English your own, I highly recommend MLS. With my teacher, an experienced teacher who deeply understands the weak points of international students, you will be able to not only improve your English skills, but also enrich your vocabulary with elaborate class materials. You can also boost your understanding of American culture through extra activities with international classmates. Furthermore, MLS offers various courses on evenings and on weekends, which are preferable for people who are busy in the daytime or on weekdays." -K.I. (Japan)

"This is the best place to start learning English!!" -T.U. (Japan)

Tufts University Community Members:

"After a long time searching for an English academy in Boston, somebody recommended me MLS. Forget about this boring classes repeating and repeating or making listenings with two guys talking about their dogs. There is no better listening exercise that a "Family Guy sketch" or a "South Park song." I wish I would have found this academy before but, 'Better late than never.'" -J.A. (Spain)

"To be honest, MLS is the most effective and fun way to learn English I´v ever seen before. I take classes for two and a half hours every Monday, and I enjoy learning English. Highly recommended!!" -E.C. (Spain)

"Highly recommended! Good place to learn English with different courses and a lot of activities." -J.C. (Spain)

"Best English classes I've ever had! Here you will improve your English skills at all levels with experienced teachers, you will learn culture from different countries, meet people and enjoy excellent activities." -P.M. (Spain)

"Teachers here are very competitive and know where ESL students do mistake often. Another feature of MLS is that you can choose to take a class or not in the beginning of month. So you can arrange your schedule at the ESL class flexibly depending on your other schedules." -D.S. (Japan)

"I have been attending several classes here over 1 year. My teacher always corrects my unnatural English that I had learned in my country. He gives a class meeting note to students after class. It really helps me to review. I highly recommend this superb English school!" -N.S. (Japan)

"If you are looking for a place to study English in Cambridge area, this is the place! Our teacher was the most reliable teacher ever whom I met in Boston. I should have joined the class earlier. He corrected our grammatical mistakes, which was very helpful (and often other teachers [in different schools] don't do this). Also, we could learn idioms that we usually don't learn in our own countries. The homework he gave us was also very useful to get used to the grammar what we learned in the class." -E.T. (Japan)

Au Pairs:

"MLS is the best English School in the Boston area by far! I have paid English courses in other schools before and seem I just wasted my money on them. This is not the case with MLS. These courses really worth it! James is an excellent teacher, his experience not only teaching ESL but knowing a lot about different cultures gives him extra points. Learning English with James is so personalized, so you can work on your weaknesses and truly improve them. I took the IELTS test three weeks ago and I would hardly have succeeded without James´s help, advice and support by the courses and material I needed to prepare myself before the test. Happily I can say I got the results I was looking for (C1 level - CEFR). I can´t wait to resume more courses at MLS! I definitely recommend this school to learn English for real life." -L.M. (Mexico)

"Although it is a small school, MLS is a great English school. Its courses and teachers are very professional. The teachers are very capable and nice people and with a good sense of humor. I´m so happy of finding MLS because all the classes I learn something new and I really feel it's helping me to improve my English." -F.M. (Mexico)

"MLS is the best English school that I have taken classes in Boston! I prefer to attend in a small group. My teacher is really active and helpful teacher. He's always prepared for the classes. His classes are never boring! I enjoyed coming to the classes and never ever wanted to miss any parts of them." -S.P. (Thailand)

"A great place to learn English. I am thankful with MLS, I have found flexible courses because I have been taken some of them for a while and I can see how useful they are for me." -A.R. (Peru)

"Taking classes at the MLS English School have been a great good choice, I would have liked to have discovered this school earlier! Thanks to the core course, speaking and listening and vocabulary classes I have improved my English and I feel more comfortable in speaking this language. James, who is the teacher, adopts an efficient teaching method that is focus on making student active participant, everybody is involved and give his contribution during the class. This learning way makes lessons interesting and never boring. The course is very well organized, classes are well divided on the basis of student English level and James is available in answering question and helping when needed. I strongly recommend MLS English School, it really helps for developing your English skills." -N.S. (Italy)

"What can I say. The teacher is awesome, his knowledge is at a high level and also he is a nice and helpful guy. I improved my english a lot :) and still improving. I'm happy with that attending these classes. That kind of classes are better than some colleges in Boston area and they are much cheaper what is another plus." -M.B. (Poland)

"MLS is a nice school, where students feel comfort and confidence in improving their English skills. It's based on dynamic classes, different topics/subjects and information from all around the world. In classroom, we also have the opportunity to share our experiences, thus acquiring cultural knowledge, vocabularies and expressions used by English native speaker. In addition, it is interesting how the teacher has prepared the classes, as regard to his methodology, as well as strategies. Definitely, my English has improved significantly, then today I'm capable of having a better comprehension of the language." -T.F. (Brazil)

"My teacher is a very good teacher. I took his speaking and listening classes so far. I highly recommend MLS course. You will see how your English is going to improve even in 4 weeks!" -A.O. (Turkey)

"Excellent teacher... Love to attend MLS classes ... if you want to improve your English, It is the best place ever." -M.C. (Ecuador)

"This is amazing and very helpful. I really appreciate the teaching. My teacher is not only a good teacher, but also a very good friend who helps you to learn American culture and other cultures as well. He is awesome!!!" -C.T. (Turkey)

Company Transfers: 

"MLS is the Best English course ever!! I took a lot of English courses in the past but this is incredible and the best, you should take the course it is very dynamic and funny and also you will improve your English skills." -D.B. (Mexico)

"Although is a small academy, the quality of the classes is much better than others with a certain prestige." -L.C. (Mexico)

"Great place! Professional teachers and staff! Thanks to their help, I have been enjoying learning new vocabulary and proper expressions through classes and activities. Always fun!" -N.F. (Japan)

"MLS is the great English school for me. The teachers are nice, and give me a great opportunity to improve my English skills, such as listening, speaking, reading and writing. In the class I can also learn different cultures by studying with students from various countries. On weekend some seasonal events are hold via meetup to help me learn American traditional cultures. I'm looking forward to joining the events every time. Everyone can attend the events, so it may be a good choice to do so first if you're thinking about learning English at MLS. I really recommend MLS to every non-native speaker!" -T.G. (Japan)

"MLS is a wonderful English school for everyone. My teacher is one of the best English teachers I’ve ever met. He teaches not only grammatically correct English but also idioms and expression which are used daily by native English speakers. He also hosts a weekend event to learn culture and make new friends." -H.H. (Japan)

"MLS is the best place to learn English. I highly recommend this school! There are wonderful teachers who have a high teaching skill and give us motivation. There are various kinds of courses available, we can take lessons in accordance with the ability of an individual learner. Additionally, we can learn US culture and make new friends from all over the world in MLS. The time we spend here will become irreplaceable memories in our lives!" -H.K. (Japan)

"I'm so enjoying learning English at MLS because the teachers are well organized and could meet any friends who has enthusiasm with leaning English. Personally it is good opportunity to meet new friends..." -K.I. (Japan)

"I have learned English here for one year, and there always were new things to bring back every class. Interesting materials, difficult but useful vocabulary, and professional writing tips. Definitely the best English classes I have ever had!" -H.K. (Japan)

"I highly recommend MLS. The class is well organized, class materials are abundant. I'm really satisfied of this class. Also, the teacher is really good at teaching." -H.P. (Korea)

"Small groups, affordable lessons, a variety of classes that allow you to focus on specific skills (vocabulary, listening, writing...), and a teacher who enjoys and is committed to his job. I studied English in MLS for several months and definitely recommend this academy."

-G.S. (Spain)

"MLS is the great school where you can learn English in Boston. It's easy to access near Davis square. The teachers are professional English teachers and hold lots of interesting and exciting classes. You can improve your English, especially grammar and vocabulary."

-Y.S. (Japan)

"Teacher-James knows Japanese people’s typical grammatical errors and corrects them whenever he realizes. After the class, he always sends an email and attached our class meeting notes to us. It is so useful for us to review vocabulary and phrases which we learned in the lesson. In addition, I joined his Meet-up group several times. That was a great opportunity for me to make new friends and study English." -M.S. (Japan)

"Entering MLS located in Davis, I always find a cozy classroom where I can explore the world of English language. MLS is an English school that I have been looking for a long time. It is not a mere grammar lesson nor a simple conversation class. James offers a lesson from grammar to culture endorsed by his vast and profound knowledge in various fields. His prominent insight of foreign languages has supported me to comprehend English more. There is something more than satisfaction: a pleasure to learn. If you seek for an English school different from any other, this is it." -H.T. (Japan)

"Taking classes at MLS is a truly rich experience from many points of view. The remarkable high-level of teaching, the wide variety of subjects covered and the richness of the multicultural exchanges make this English language program very exceptional. And above all, no better solution to increase the learning process than having fun...classes are light and really joyful. I highly recommend MLS!"

-M.V. (Italy)

"In light of the fact that teachers are very friendly and they teach us with enthusiasm, I recommend MLS! I would like to keep learning English at MLS." -E.Y. (Japan)

"MLS is a great English school not only for me but also for every student. In fact, many students more than 100 left five-points in Google reviews so far. More than 100! It’s a proof of great school, for all non-native speakers." -T.Y. 

Immigrant Community: 

"The best English classes for advanced learners in Boston I have discovered so far. The classes cover a huge variety of topics and can help anyone to improve her English skills. I attend every couple of years and never get bored, always learn something new."

-A.A. (Ukraine)

"MLS is an excellent English school which offers courses for fair prices. All the textbooks and didactic material they use during the classes have interesting content. The teachers are very qualified, helpful and engaged to student's development. Beyond the classes, MLS usually promotes Meetups outside the school related to tourism, culinary and the American culture. These meetings are great opportunities to practice English, learn new vocabulary and know new people. Studying at MLS I have improved a lot my English skills, I also have made good friends there :)." -A.B. (Brazil)

"MLS offers engaging, practical and diverse classes. Great location, easy access and good prices, too. You get to meet people from all around the world and there are activities that help you to socialize, practice English and explore new cultures. I totally recommend it!"

-G.D. (Brazil)

"I moved to Boston five years ago and later started attending grammar, speaking and writing classes at MLS. Studying with PhD students and researchers of prestigious colleges and business professionals is one the most valuable achievements for me.

There is a huge opportunity for my English skills. 

My teacher is phenomenal and  a wonderful person. He is profound, fluent in Arabic and Spanish and almost has basic grammar knowledge in Turkish,Japanese, Korean and Chinese. This is an asset to understand our mistakes,  to find the root cause and correct errors.


I am more confident in writing as a business professional after MLS lessons. I noticed that I used to use a huge amount of words or phrases incorrectly before taking classes  there. Learning the real American English from an experienced teacher definitely motivates the student. His “seven-sentence writing” challenge moved my writing routines to a higher level. My American customers appreciate my word/idiom usage and even my jokes.


His lessons are extra fun and stress relief for me. He creates an environment where learning is joyful. I always look forward to meeting my teacher and classmates each week. He teaches significant phrases, daily speaking routines, jokes, slang, idioms, favorite movies and TV series for an easier involvement in American social life. I am grateful to him for providing concrete and actionable guidance with a compassionate approach to learning for over the two years.


Classes are quite affordable compared to other language schools in the Boston area. However, its location is the best advantage; commuting to Davis Square is easy by T and bus, or you can find several free parking lots for your car as well. There are plenty of cafes and restaurants to spend time. Highly recommend MLS!" -O.C. (Turkey)

"I am studying currently in MLS and it is amazing because the teacher and the school are excellent. I am having the opportunity to improve a lot my English and meet great people. So if you you want to study English with flexible schedule and good price do not hesitate...MLS is your academy!!!" -A.C. (Spain)

"MLS is the great place to learn English. My teacher is one of best teachers I have ever met. He is very intelligent, his knowledge is amazing. He really helps to make you understand by using images, video clips, songs, films. The classes are always fun. He also organizes some events which is helpful to communicate with other students and visit interesting places in Boston. I highly recommend classes in MLS." - N.G. (Turkey)

"Are you looking for an 'active learning' English school? MLS is the "Go-To" school for you. My teacher teaches English from multiple dimensions including field trips and he will never bore you, in fact, class time flies. Great students complement the class even further."

-A.G. (Japan)

"Very good alternative to learn or to improve English skills. It offers a very comprehensive program and we can improve our English conversation. I recommend this school for different reasons. The location is a bonus. The school’s owner is a very competent and dedicated instructor." -M.H. (Brazil)

"I started to take English classes there, especially to improve my writing and speaking skills. I noticed a considerable improvement after the first 6 months, not only in writing and speaking but also in my grammar and punctuation skills. Course content make the class more interesting; as an extra, we learn slang language other than formal speaking. That is a bonus as I am a permanent resident here in the U.S., where I do not always speak formally with my friends and colleagues. There are many international students, scientists, and researchers from all over the world at MLS, that enhances the quality of classes. My teacher is an absolute linguist; he can tell your English mistakes by comparing to your native language. Of course, having many international students over the years has improved his ability/expertise. MLS is located in a very convenient place, in the heart of Davis Square, where you can easily commute; have fun, and socialize at cafes in the area before or after the class. Classes are very affordable compared to other schools in the Boston area."

-E.K. (Turkey)

"Before MLS I searched a lot of international English school in MA.T hey were extravagant.It's not worth the money we give. MLS is the most reasonable English school here. Also the teachers really know how to teach people English and also American cultures."

-S.K. (Turkey)

"In my opinion, the classes are one of the most effective in Boston area. I have been taking classes almost 1 year and now I see rather good results. My teachers are very skilled and they have fascinating program. So I highly recommend MLS." -A.K. (Russia)

"A great school with great teachers who really care about your learning, correcting you and answering all your questions. A plus is that we not only learn ESL but also learn about different cultures by studying with students from around the world." -M.L. (Brazil)

"I was looking for a grammar course for a while now, and college administrators were turning me down because I wasn't considered their typical ESL student. One would say that I looked and sounded like a "native" speaker. I was frustrated with college admins, but I know that the pace they were going was not suitable for me so I attended an MLS grammar class. It was the best decision I've made in 2017. The classes were a little slow for me since I am a "native", but it is perfect for students who've been in the states for a while and English was not their first language. For the record, English is not my first language, it's my third. Don't let the pace fool you, by attending the classes, you will learn some grammar nuances that were not taught in public schools. I didn't think that the classes were helping, but boy, was I wrong. My boss was the first person to notice the changed within my written communication. By using the grammar rules that I've learned in class, I was clear in my communication with my boss and my colleagues. This helped push my career forward. If you believe that you need some improvement in your grammar, I highly recommend that you take his class."

-T.L. (Vietnam)

"MLS is a perfect choice for learning English or developing your English level. I took classes for more than 4 months and it was very helpful. My classmates were at the same level with me and that provided a better progress. My instructor is a great and an intellectual teacher, and also very helpful for guiding about city, culture or social life. Furthermore, MLS always keeps in touch with its existing and former students and organizes social activities which are open public. These social activities are perfect for English language learners. I had a significant experience in MLS and it is highly recommended." -A.M. (Turkey)

"This is the great school that offers a great variety of classes including advanced evening and weekend courses. I wish more people know about this place." -A.P. (Russia)

"Great school. My teacher is one of the best English teachers I ever had. Even with only one class per week, I can see the improvements. Reasonable price is a good bonus." -N.P. (Russia)

"I have been in different schools in the past 6 years and what I can say about MLS is that they have the best method to learn English that I have taken before. I love his classes because we learn about different topics and also I enjoy his activities. I highly recommend MLS as a school and James is a great teacher. You won’t regret it." -D.R. (Colombia)

"I was looking for a place not just for improving English skills (Reading, Speaking, Writing and Vocabulary) and mostly for better understanding English. MLS works exactly as I expected and I definitely want to recommend this place." -B.S. (Ukraine)

"Flexible hours, good price and great teacher. If you want to improve your speech and listening, vocabulary, or writing and reading, you just have to choose the right class for you. You can also do the CORE courses, which covers all these skills. And there's more: you can also learn new vocabularies in all of these courses." -A.T. (Brazil)

"Excellent teacher and great teaching methods! I couldn’t have chosen a better school to learn the English language. Since I’ve been going to MLS, my English is surprisingly improving. Although it’s harder for me to learn because I’m not too young." -A.T. (Italy)

"James is a really professional English teacher. He has his own teaching system and database to make new language learning more efficient and effective. Besides that, his teaching style is more interactive and also very fun and on the top of it, he has a very interesting and funny personality as well to make this learning process very fun and comfortable." -K.T. (Taiwan)

"James is the most amazing and experienced English teacher in Boston. As a second language speaker, I spent lots of time on finding a good English teacher. Finally, I found MLS. James integrates language learning, culture and many interesting topics in classes. I highly recommend you choose MLS! Don't even waste your time on trying different language learning programs." -Y.Z. (Taiwan)


"The courses at MLS are integrated skills learning. We can learn all english skills in any course. For example, in vocabulary course, not only new interested words we have learnt their meaning but also we know how to use them effectively in real life situation by making sentences, discuss in pair or group and share to the class, then the teacher will correct any mistakes. All study materials are well selected, including the activities on meet up group and daily english excercise in Facebook. My teacher's teaching style is unique. He is professional, knowledgeable, very supportive and active communicator. I have enrolled in 3 courses since the 2nd month I have been in Boston. I wish I could have studied here since the first day I came. Highly recommended to everyone." -M.L. (Thailand)


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