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Level 9

Course Description:

Designed for low advanced-level English language users, this

course helps participants improve their English skills through

better understanding and using grammar principles, focusing on

correct adjective clause, gerund and infinitive use. (For example:

"I don't know why I had not considered taking a course earlier.

I very much regret not doing so.") Class size limited to 10 participants.

Performance Outcomes:
It is expected that successful participants will speak and write

English more fluently through correct use of grammar.

Course Materials:

The textbook for this course is 

Understanding and Using English Grammar, 5th ed.

(ISBN: 978-0133994599)


Section 1: Mondays and Wednesdays, 10:00 A.M. - 11:15 A.M. 




Section 2: Mondays and Wednesdays, 5:45 P.M. - 7:00 P.M.     


Option #1: In-person: Students may now participate in classes

in-person if they have been vaccinated against COVID-19.

Option #2: Online: Students may participate in class online,

if they wish. 

Price: $150 per 4-week course


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Student Testimonials:

Here's what students are saying about this course:

"The core class is the most helpful class for me. Especially, the teacher took the time to review our writing assignments during the class, I was not only learning from my grammar mistakes, but also from others. I have learned advanced English grammar that gave me a lot confidence when I am composing a business email. I highly recommend this class for all foreign English speakers."

-J. Zhao (China)

"I decided to take this course to improve my language skills in writing and speaking and I liked it! It is very well-structured and contains a great deal of additional materials that allow students to go beyond the textbook and practice more. After several months, I found myself using grammatical structures which I didn't feel comfortable using before! Moreover, in class, we always improve and expand our vocabulary. I`m always impressed by the complexity of the English language. The classes are never boring!"

-E. Gushchanskaia (Russia)

"To be honest, MLS is the most effective and fun way to learn English I´ve ever seen. I take classes for two and a half hours every Monday, and I enjoy learning English. Highly recommended!!"

-E. Carrera (Spain)

"MLS is a great academy for improving you English skills! Different available courses according to your English level and necessities. The teacher makes fun and dynamic classes, where we can learn not only grammar, vocabulary, expressions, pronunciation...but culture from other countries. In addition the academy prepares plenty of social and cultural activities, which are very helpful for English improvement and where you can meet new people. It is a motivated and enthusiastic academy involved with its students."

-P. Merino (Spain)

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