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Level 12

Course Description:

Designed for highly proficient English language users,

many of whom can pass for native speakers of English, 

this course refines participants' spoken and written

production of English through a variety of integrated,

context-rich exercises. Class size limited to 10 participants. 

Performance Outcomes:
It is expected that successful participants will improve

their abilities in understanding sophisticated spoken and

written English, as well as develop their own communicative

abilities in English.

Course Materials:

Class meetings utilize authentic articles from prominent periodicals

and related broadcasts on a facet of American culture, economy,

history, politics or society in order to develop participants' reading

and listening skills while providing a context for an analysis of the

topic presented. Related vocabulary, idiom and preposition exercises

are used to more fully develop participants' competencies.

Section 1: Wednesdays, 6:00 P.M. - 8:30 P.M. 


Option #1: In-person: Students may now participate in classes

in-person if they have been vaccinated against COVID-19.

Option #2: Online: Students may participate in class online,

if they wish. 

Price: $150 per 4-week course


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Student Testimonials:

Here's what students are saying about this course:

"If you were in the class, you would notice the selected materials contain many beautiful and useful phrases which you could use in daily life and the business world. I highly recommend it."

-J. Zhao (China)

"Since I found this course, I've been improving my English skills. I highly recommend these classes if you want to take your English to the highest level!"

-S. Leon (Costa Rica)

"This course has been helping me improving my English in a number of ways, from the addition of new stylistic elements to my written English, to expanding my vocabulary, from teaching me idioms to making me appreciate subtleties I can now use in my profession and in my every day conversation... and classes are lots of fun! It is a real asset for anyone who wants to bring his/her English to the

next level!"

-R. Zanzonico (Italy)

"I truly believe these classes have helped me in so many ways since I came to Boston. I've improved my English as well as my knowledge of Boston culture, history and its wonderful people. We are so lucky to have a world-class teacher."

-N. Mayorga (Nicaragua)

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