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Level 11

Course Description:

Designed for advanced English language users who no longer have

grammar challenges, this course improves upon participants'

spoken and written production of English through a variety of

integrated, context-rich exercises. Class size limited to 10 participants. 

Performance Outcomes:
It is expected that successful participants will improve their abilities

in understanding sophisticated spoken and written English, as well as

develop their own communicative abilities in English, thereby

furthering their fluency. 

Course Materials:

Class meetings utilize authentic articles from prominent periodicals

and related broadcasts on a facet of American culture, economy,

history, politics or society in order to develop participants' reading

and listening skills while providing a context for an analysis of the

topic presented. Related vocabulary, idiom and preposition exercises

are used to more fully develop participants' competencies.

Section 1: Wednesdays, 6:00 P.M. - 8:30 P.M.  


Option #1: In-person: Students may now participate in classes

in-person if they have been vaccinated against COVID-19.

Option #2: Online: Students may participate in class online,

if they wish. 

Price: $150 per 4-week course


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Student Testimonials:

Here's what students are saying about this course:

"Definitely, the best place to learn English in Boston, especially for advanced learners. It made me enlarge my vocabulary and use more sophisticated words in my everyday speech. Nice atmosphere, affordable, classes are fun and useful and they also offer some cultural activities that complement the learning process."

-G. Cunha (Brazil)

"If you are looking for an English class that is truly smart, funny and full of insights about American culture within the heart of Somerville, join us immediately."

-N. Nowak (France)

"If you really want to improve your English skills in Cambridge/Boston, this is the place! You will have a life-changing experience...These classes and events are wonderful opportunities not only for studying English itself, but also for learning Boston's history and other countries' cultures with other international students." 

-A. Kobayashi (Japan)

"The core courses of MLS are superb for advanced-level English learners. The courses cover listening, speaking, reading and writing. Furthermore, the class materials from the NY Times and NPR broadcasts provide intellectual satisfaction! Our reliable teacher makes this course marvelous."

-J. Sohn (South Korea)

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