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You Can Take That To The Bank


"You can take that to the bank." = "You can completely trust what I said."


People usually use this expression to emphasize that what they have

just said is true. We use this expression to inspire confidence in others.


Taka:     "In short, our stock price will increase in the next quarter.”

Tom:      "Your presentation was great, but are you sure?"

Taka:     "You can take that to the bank!"

Mika:    "Wow. Taka's vocabulary is so big."

Akiko:   "He lived in Boston for a year. That's why."


1. Literature Reference: Author David Edgerley Gates uses this expression in a 2012 short story for Alfred Hitchcock's Mystery Magazine, "The Devil to Pay," to describe the trust which one character places in another: "'Tommy's never played me false,' Nico said, getting some balls, finally. 'He comes to me with a deal, you can take it to the bank.'"

2. Media Reference #1: Journalist Laurence H. Meyer uses this expression in a March 24th, 2011 editorial for The New York Times, entitled "Inflated Worries," to emphasize his opinion: "Would the Fed act in time? I expect that it will. And even if it doesn’t act in time, and inflation expectations start to get out of line, I am confident that the Fed would tighten monetary policy quickly and aggressively enough to restore price stability and maintain its credibility on inflation. You can take that to the bank." (


3. Media Reference #2: Legal scholar Jonathan Turley uses this expression in a March 25th, 2019 NPR piece ("Constitutional Expert Maintained Trump Did Not Collude With Russia") to emphasize his opinion: "Absolutely, and I think that Bill Barr is going to make it public. I've known him for years. And he said that he wants to put as much of that in front of the public as possible, and I think you can take that to the bank." ( (At 4 minutes and 18 seconds into the broadcast.)

4. Media Reference #3:  Jensen Ackles's character of "Dean Winchester" references this expressions in season 14, episode 19 of the television series Supernatural ("Jack in the Box")  to sarcastically share his distrust of angels: "Oh, Heaven promised. Great. Well, we should take that to the bank." (At 16 minutes and 28 seconds into the episode. Originally aired April 18th, 2019.) 

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