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Where Do We Go From Here?


"Where do we go from here?" = "Now, what do we do?"


People usually use this expression when a relationship and / or

situation has completely changed and they are confused about

how to proceed. It is often used as an expression of shock and /

or great disappointment.


Linda:  "I can't believe Mom is really gone.”

Beth:    "I know. It's so hard."

Linda:  "Where do we go from here?

Beth:    "We need to move on. Mom would want us to be happy."


1. Literature Reference: Author Clark Howard uses this expression in a 2012 short story for Ellery Queen's Mystery Magazine, " The Street Ends at the Cemetery," to lay out the plans of the antagonists: "'So,' Duffy asked, 'where do we go from here?'"

2. Media Reference #1: Writer Kevin Bacon uses this expression in a November 7th, 2018 editorial for The New York Times, entitled "Winning the House Is Not Nothing," to express his feeling of hopelessness at a Republican-dominated government: "At my polling place — appropriately enough, the Alfred E. Smith School on the Upper West Side, named for New York’s original “Happy Warrior” — lines were longer than I had seen them on any Election Day save for the Obama-McCain election of 2008. This time the feeling in the lines was entirely different from that day ten years ago, and not just because the balmy sunshine had been replaced by rain. My fellow voters seemed grimly determined, quietly set on delivering a message even though there were no competitive races (or competitive Republicans) on the ballot. So where are we and where do we go from here?" (


3. Media Reference #2: Journalist Kelly McEvers uses this expression in an April 6th, 2020 NPR piece ("Fauci: Half Of Those With Coronavirus May Have No Symptoms") to express shock at the mounting COVID-19 death toll: "Before this week is over, COVID-19 is expected to kill more than 2,000 people a day in the United States. New York City is considering temporary mass burials in a city park. So where do we go from here?" ( (At 13 seconds into the broadcast.)  

4. Media Reference #3:  Dean Norris's character of "Hank Schrader" uses this expression in season 3, episode 7 of the television series Breaking Bad ("One Minute") when he learns that he is under investigation for assaulting a criminal: "So, uh... where do we go from here?" (At 15 minutes and 4 seconds into the episode. Originally aired May 2nd, 2010.) 

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