Expression #4: Welcome to the club!

English has many convenient expressions.

These expressions are usually used in speaking.

One expression is: “Welcome to the club!”

This is an informal expression which some

people use when they empathize with

others. That is, this expression means

"I understand your problem because

I have the same problem."  

This expression is suggestive of sarcasm.

The expression references a “club” because

the speaker assumes that we should

understand that many people have this



Amy: “My husband is so messy

             in the bathroom! Ugh!”

Sally: “Welcome to the club!

             My husband always

             leaves the bathroom a mess!”

Susan: “Me, too!”

Amy: “I guess I’m not the only one!”

What do you think?

Have you heard this expression before?

Does your language have a similar expression?

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