Take It From Me


"Take it from me"


"You should trust my opinion about this because

I have a lot of personal experience with this topic."


People usually use this expression to emphasize advice which they 

share with others. This expression is normally used at the beginning 

of a sentence and is followed by a main clause. This expression can 

also be placed at the end of a sentence.


Charles: "Wow, the stock market is really down today.”

Karen:     "Great. That's the best time to buy."

Charles: "Really?”

Karen:     "Of course. Buy low and sell high, right?"

Charles: "Does that work for you?”

Karen:     "Take it from me, that's the best way to invest."


1. Literature Reference: Author Brendan Mathews uses this expression in a 2009 short story for The Cincinnati Review, "Last Attempt to Explain What Happened with the Lion Tamer," to emphasize his opinion to his crush: "Take it from me, who was nothing more than a tiny red-nosed planet in far-flung orbit -you were the star, and you knew it."  

2. Media Reference #1: Journalist Dave Isay uses this expression in a May 13th, 2020 editorial for The New York Times, entitled "Now Is the Time to Ask Your Loved Ones About Their Lives," to advise his readers: "I’ve spent years collecting intimate interviews. Take it from me: A conversation about life’s big questions is the very definition of time well spent." (https://www.nytimes.com/2020/05/13/opinion/quarantine-storycorps-interview.html)  

3. Media Reference #2: Author Oscar Casares uses this expression in an October 15th, 2009 NPR piece ("A Wild, 'Burning' Journey Back To Old Mexico") to advise listeners to read a book: "Take it from me, someone who didn't start out as a reader, you must read The Burning Plain, by Juan Rulfo." (https://www.npr.org/transcripts/113832491) (At 2 minutes and 32 seconds into the broadcast.)

4. Media Reference #3: Jennifer Kitchen's character of "Waitress" uses this expression in season 12, episode 13 of  the television series Supernatural ("Family Feud") to advise another character, who is pregnant: "Well, take it from me, before kids, your life is yours. Once they show up, life as you know it is over." (At 11 minutes and 28 seconds into the episode. Originally aired February 23rd, 2017.)    

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