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No Shit, Sherlock!

"No shit, Sherlock!" = "You are stupid because what you said is very obvious."


John:     “I think maybe Paula is pregnant.”

Mary:    "No shit, Sherlock! Of course she's pregnant!

                    Look at her stomach!”


1.   This expression references Sherlock Holmes, the great fictional detective

known for his keen observations, thereby mocking the observer.

2.   This expression is effective partly due to its use of alliteration with the

“sh” in “shit” and the “sh” in “Sherlock.”

3.   "No shit" is a related expression with the same meaning.

4.   Media Reference #1: Levi Stubbs's character of "Audrey II" uses this expression

to mock Rick Moranis's character of "Seymour Krelborn" in the film Little Shop of Horrors:

Seymour:  "Every household in America? Thousands of you eating... that's what you

                         had in mind all along, isn't it?!"

Audrey II:   "No shit, Sherlock."

(At 1 hour, 20 minutes and 18 seconds into the film. Originally released December 19th, 1986.)

5.   Media Reference #2: Mel Gibson's character of "Driver" uses this expression in the film Get the Gringo to express his frustration to Peter Gerety's character of "Embassy Guy":

Embassy Guy: "Seems to me someone is trying to bury you in here."

Driver:                 "No shit, Sherlock!"

(Originally released June 22, 2012.)

6.   Media Reference #3: Jennifer Carpenter's character of "Debra Morgan" uses this expression in a conversation with her brother, "Dexter Morgan," as played by Michael  C. Hall, in season 7, episode 11 of the television series Dexter, "Do You See

What I See?," to express her frustration:

Dexter:  "I think there's another explanation for what happened. You took

                    more of those pills than you think you did. You've been under a 

                    lot of stress, Deb."

Debra:   "No shit, Sherlock." 

(At 34 minutes and 28 seconds into the episode. Originally broadcast December 9th, 2012.)


7.   Media Reference #4: Gaten Matarazzo's character of "Dustin Henderson" uses this expression in season 3, episode 6 of the television series Stranger Things, "E Pluribus Unum," to express his frustration to a friend, "Erica Sinclair," as played by Priah Ferguson:  

Erica:     "Um, you need help with that?"

Dustin: "No."

Erica:     "Well, I mean, it's taking a while, so..."

Dustin:   "Yeah, no shit, Sherlock!"

(At 15 minutes and 26 seconds into the episode. Originally broadcast July 4th, 2019.)

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